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I had my first, official MARRIED Valentines Day today and words can't really express how I'm feeling right now. My friends and I always mocked Valentines Day, calling it 'VD Day' (for obvious reasons) and dressing in all black on the 14th of February. But I found myself facing this years holiday as a newlywed with a profound sense of excitement, especially after The Husband informed me that he had a surprise planned and that I should be ready by 7:30 tonight.

I rushed home from work, quickly got ready and we headed out, ending up at Bistro 1902, an AMAZING French restaurant in the heart of Hollywood, Florida. We were seated next to some great people and spent the next three hours drinking and talking the night away. I loved every minute of it; it was almost like being in New York again. Truly a remarkable first Valentines Day here in Florida!

I wored head to toe brand new clothes: a charcoal gray dress from Uniqlo, floral oxfords from Gap (anybody else out there still have a tendency to call it 'THE' Gap?), and a new gold chain from intermix that is currently my most favorite thing in the world. The 14k beauty is made in Italy and was marked down from $100 to a whopping $39 before I pulled the trigger on it. I LURVE it.

Here's hoping everyone is having an smashing VD Day!

love, serenissima

With me, comfort is key. I've recently discovered slubwear and, let me tell you, I think it might have changed my life. I've always been a sneakers-and-jeans girl but slim-fit sweatpants are slowly creeping up my list of go-to items to keep on hand when I want to keep it casual and stylish.

I wore this are-they-or-aren't-they-pajamas ensemble to a showing of 'The Lego Movie' with The Husband. The movie was FANTASTIC and I highly recommend it.

P.S. He wore Jordan shorts and a hoodie so I'm sure as looked like we just tolled out of bed and took in an evening show. Dahwell.

love, serenissima

Deeply, DEEPLY in love with these sweatpants from Old Navy. Like truly, madly, deeply in love. I bought them on a whim because the reviews said how comfy they were, and MAN. They weren't lying. I wore them for the first time out for date night with the husband last night.

We adore sushi and our favorite spot is pretty laid back as far as dress code is concerned. This being Miami, you will find your fair share of people looking like they're going to the club, so I'm used to getting stares for my dressed down approach. Dahwell. Oversized button-ups and crazy pants/sweatpants/legging doesn't seem like a train I'll be getting off any time soon.

love, serenissima

 This has been one of my favorite outfits in a long time. When I was younger I wore nothing but black, to the point where I remember my grandmother saying, “All you wear is black but you look so beautiful in colors!” I’ve branched out a bit but I often find myself circling back to black as my go-to. 

 When I couldn’t decide what to wear to my husbands 25th birthday dinner I just went with my motto: ‘When in doubt, wear black.’ I love the clean lines and simplicity of the shirt and pants (which are velvet!) with the on-trend silver Bass oxfords. Minimalism at its finest. 

love, serenissima 

This was a fun look to put together. The weather this past weekend was so unpredictable, I had to be ready for whatever at a moments notice: rain, hail, meteor shower (okay maybe not the last one, but you get my drift). And while that may mean raincoats and ponchos for some, to me it means LAYERS! 
I layered up in a t-shirt, plaid button-up, and hooded sweater. As the day wore on it heated up, so the button-up ended up tied around my waist. I love the juxtaposition between the print on the pants, the plaid, and the flash of green socks- look closely, do you see them? It was a little extreme for Disney’s Magic Kingdom and I got plenty of looks from Mom’s in leggings, but dahwell- I kind of can’t wait to be the crazily dressed mom at the PTA meeting! 

love, serenissima

Our last and final day at Disney World was spent at the Animal Kingdom. It ended up being our favorite out of the three parks we visited, and this might be my favorite park outfit as well. After two days of rain and gray skies, we finally got the clear, warm weather the forecasters promised on Sunday. 
I was able to shed my layers in this cool and breezy combo of white tee and patterned pants. Does this look every get old? Methinks not. I carried along a jean jacket for just in case the rain crept back in, and it ended up being invaluable as a shield on a water ride. I’ve got double d boobs and I wasn’t trying to spend the rest of the day looking like first place in a wet t-shirt contest.

love, serenissima
 photo emanuel-ungaro04_zps89af0149.jpg  photo emanuel-ungaro03_zps589aed27.jpg  photo emanuel-ungaro01_zpsf45af613.jpg  photo emanuel-ungaro05_zpsdf2a597c.jpg  photo emanuel-ungaro02_zpse147bf4d.jpg Emanuel Ungaro Pre-Fall 2014

“Lonsdale meets Monsieur Ungaro,” said Fausto Puglisi during his pre-fall appointment. The London clothing brand honestly is the polar opposite from the founder of the luxury label known for a smart and sexy aesthetic, but head designer Puglisi pulled the two together with a strong and raw energy. There were vivid hues and classic patterns on more interesting shapes, like kimono jackets. Chevron prints lots of love, and there were multiple looks that were outfitted in the pattern from head-to-toe. A jacket, lime green shirt, skirt, and shaggy boots featured it for maximum impact.

The result of the mix and match of the classic and the unique made for a show with a grown-up tone and urban silhouettes. There were also longer hemlines, and outfits cobbled together from streamlined separates. One of the most striking ensembles showcased baggy trousers, a snake print blouse, and a sharp leather belt to tie the whole thing together with a with a masculine toughness. These elements underlined the graphic theme of the clothes, which juxtaposed neon colors, zebra stripe, herringbone, and the previously mentioned chevron.

There was a strong Chinese influence, as, in addition to the strong kimono theme, many of Puglisi's prints were developed to look like they'd been inked in the style of antique Chinese illustrations. It brought softness to a collection that could have bordered on TOO sharp, due to its mostly black-and-white palette, only intercut with bright orange and lime green. There was also a lovely textural variety, with inspired fabric choices: mink fur on boots and jackets went hand in hand with a soft knit wool for a long T-shirt dress and a herringbone skirt.

love, serenissima

 photo firth2_zps81b56c6f.png  photo firth_zpsbbcf26e9.png via

After blowing our minds in recent Prada and Burberry ads, 19-year-old sensation Malaika Firth has moved on to luxury brand Valentino. The delicate beauty wowed in the current SS14 Valentino campaign, the teaser image of which dropped earlier this week. She also opened and closed the Spring/Summer 2014 show in Paris.

You go, Glen Coco.

love, serenissima