love, serenissima

I had my first, official MARRIED Valentines Day today and words can't really express how I'm feeling right now. My friends and I always mocked Valentines Day, calling it 'VD Day' (for obvious reasons) and dressing in all black on the 14th of February. But I found myself facing this years holiday as a newlywed with a profound sense of excitement, especially after The Husband informed me that he had a surprise planned and that I should be ready by 7:30 tonight.

I rushed home from work, quickly got ready and we headed out, ending up at Bistro 1902, an AMAZING French restaurant in the heart of Hollywood, Florida. We were seated next to some great people and spent the next three hours drinking and talking the night away. I loved every minute of it; it was almost like being in New York again. Truly a remarkable first Valentines Day here in Florida!

I wored head to toe brand new clothes: a charcoal gray dress from Uniqlo, floral oxfords from Gap (anybody else out there still have a tendency to call it 'THE' Gap?), and a new gold chain from intermix that is currently my most favorite thing in the world. The 14k beauty is made in Italy and was marked down from $100 to a whopping $39 before I pulled the trigger on it. I LURVE it.

Here's hoping everyone is having an smashing VD Day!

love, serenissima

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