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You Look Like A Jackson


So I wore this to go visit my friend that I haven't seen in months... because she lives on the other side of the world (also known as Brooklyn). Upon walking in her house, her boyfriend immediately said "You look like a Jackson." I love Michael Jackson and the amazing fro he rocked in his younger years, so I took this as the utmost compliment.

I've been wanting to try out the prep school boy look with a sweater over a button-up for awhile, so I wore one of my thrifted sweaters and a 'new' pair of zipper leggings from Old Navy (that I've had for months but never quite figured out how to wear them). The leather boots were a steal from Nine West, at $15! Thank you, Black Friday. The look came together interestingly enough, but next time I think I'll see how it looks with jeans or a skirt and knee highs, a la Clueless.

Got to be there...

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  1. Love your boots and hair!:)
    Thank you for all lovely comments on Chicisimo, I am glad taht you like my style!
    You have very nice blog, and I am your follower!
    I will be glad to see you among my followers!
    All the best!!!