love, serenissima

Donna Karan Pre-Fall 2011

via Quality Rivets

I must say that I find it ridiculous and outright strange the way fashion runs pretty much a whole year ahead... we're in December of 2010 and they're already showing for pre-Fall 2011? Sheesh. Anyways, I quite like this collection. It's a very muted color palette, but this enabled the designer to go all out with the different fabrics and textures.

Fur, leather, and silk were major factors in all six looks, which has the possibilty to translate into rich yet homeless cat lady but goes over well here because of the monochromatic colors and some truly gorgeous tailoring. This is the way clothes are supposed to fit. The first, third, and sixth looks are particularly nice for stomping through city streets... next winter, of course.


  1. They're classic and funky..and you know, I kinda like the 2nd look's kind of apocalyptic, all Book of Eli-ish..

  2. I love these!! The fur and the silk maxi dress combo will be making an appearace soon on an outfit post. Thanks to you and Donna Karen for the inspiration ;)

    xo Carlina