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Brand New Monday: She's Back!

Could it be? Did I actually buy some new items?

Yes. Yes I did.

Forever 21 has had a super duper sale for the past week for Labor Day, with an additional 30% off of items that were already on sale. So the prices for simple items like sunglasses got knocked down into mere change, while other apparel that I might have thought twice about buying became must-haves. I picked up a pair of corduroy shorts (seen here), a lace top, cord button-up, fringe vest (that I thought about for a LONG time before buying), and a pair of floral sunglasses. My clear frames broke not too long ago R.I.P., so I'm thinking I'm going to turn these shades into a new pair of prescription glasses. I also grabbed this red leather bag from ASOS for $15! But sadly, it's now out of stock.


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