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Brand New Monday: True Blue

Tried and true

Morning, everybody... not sure how many of you are sneaker wearers (it seems to be a rarity in the fashion blogosphere), but, as mentioned in this post, I like sneakers, and will always be a jeans, t-shirt, and kicks girl at heart. It may be fun getting dressed up in wedges in sky-high heels, but there really is nothing quite like pulling on a fresh pair of sneakers and going about your day. This past weekend, the hottest release were these Air Jordan 3 Retros... nicknamed the 'True Blues' for the white, cement grey, and royal blue colorway. Let me tell you, the hood went freaking CRAZY over these sneakers. Within hours, every store was sold out; Foot Locker, BJ's, FootCo.... EVERYWHERE! Luckily, I snagged a pair, even though I wear one of the most popular sizes, a mens 9.5.

I love em!

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  1. Cute! I love sneakers even tho boots are my go to shoe. Nothing cuter than the sporty/sexy look og sneaks and dresses.