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When I Fall In Love, I Want It To Look Like This

via Ashley Rose Photography

As I've added more and more blogs to my daily reads, I couldn't help but notice: most of the fashion bloggers are in relationships! From Jessica Quirk, a recent blogger-turned-author whose husband Adam takes all of her outfit photos, to Tania and her adorable live-in boyfriend Christopher, to Tieka, who might be the youngest married blogger I've ever seen and who has an entire section of her blog dedicated to fashion bloggers and their significant others... and MORE.

What is the correlation between love and fashion? The devastatingly attractive Dani and Cindy, the duo behind Come Over To The Dark Side, We Have Candy, are the perfect example of romantic sartorial bliss. Cindy might be the face of the blog, in her rock'n'roll chic ensembles, but Dani is the one that keeps it all together by doing the behind-the-scenes stuff like taking the pictures and coding the website. Surprise, surprise, he's just as fashionable as she is; when he appears on the site, it's usually in designer duds and expensive sneakers. (The two were even featured in a spread in Elle magazine.)

Cindy and Dani

Tieka and Brett

The blogger/fashionista and photographer/boyfriend duo seems to be the most common one in the blogosphere, but what about those that aren't involved with the interwebs? Walking around SoHo, you see more than a few fashionable couples... is it just that like attracts like? And here comes the elephant in the room: the most stylish are often also the most beautiful, so pair the pretty face with a nice designer package and the marriage proposals are bound to roll in, no? On the flip side, when it comes to bloggers like myself or Karen, with a more... unconventional style, it takes guts to have a partner who will walk down the street with us, turbans, purple capes, and all. Karen has it, in the form of her fellow photographer man-friend, but I have yet to come across a love that looks just as unique as me. When I do find that love, though, I want it to look just like this.

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