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Taste Like Candy

Zara Ankle Cropped Trousers, $39.90

So apparently everyone is all over these pants from Zara. If the colorful pant trend made sweet love to the neon trend, Mr. Stork might come along and drop off this joyous result: a candy-colored, cropped pant that might have actually surpassed anything by Jeffrey Campbell as the 'It' blogger item of the moment. Your best bet for the most color and size selection is the store, as there are only four remaining colors on Zara's website (yellow, blue, pink, and the ever-popular green). There isn't an online shop anyway... which reminds me, Hey Zara? You should probably hook up your US site with more than just a lookbook, I guarantee your sales would go through the roof if your site were a little more user-friendly and purchases were just a click away.

I don't know if I'm ready to let these sugar-spun confections into my life (it was hard enough for me to wrap my head around tomato-red trousers), but, at $39, these delicious cotton capris are sweet enough to eat. I think I might be picking up a pair!

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