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White For Purity? Um, Ok

via TMZ

I'm sure you've all heard of Lindsay Lohan's felony grand theft charges for swiping a $2,500 necklace by now (and if you haven't, read all about it here), but this is a fashion blog and old Linds made a pretty interesting choice in her attire for court yesterday. The fallen starlet has been arrested numerous times for both alcohol and drug possession, as well as being accused of stealing items in the past, so she decided to wear white to her arraignment with Superior Court Judge Schwartz as a sartorial symbol of innocence. It could have been a smart move (remember the Granny dress Rihanna wore to Chris Brown's domestic abuse arraignment before her S&M days?) except, in true LiLo fashion, she showed up in a short, skintight Kimberly Ovitz creation and her signature sunnies.


Now, I'm not too sure about you guys, but the last thing this look reads is innocence or purity... more like 'I'm hitting the bar for drinks as soon as I get out of here.' This might actually be tame compared to what Linds sported to her last court date, however: fingernails painted with the words 'Fuck You.'


And I just can't resist... for more before and afters of Rihanna 'I'm A Victim' Fenty, click here and here.

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