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Over the Knee and Through the Woods

On the Autumn/Winter 2010 runways

Over the knee boots are HUGE right now. They stomped all over the runways this season and were quickly picked up on the street as soon as cooler weather sunk in. Available in various materials from leather to suede, from flat to high-heeled, there is an option for everyone if you style them properly.

Kate Moss in black suede boots

This is a look that can go trashy really easily, so you should wear it with caution lest you end up looking like Julia Roberts in Pretty Woman. Miniskirts, short dresses, and shorts with tights all look good with these type of boots, as do skintight jeans and leggings because the idea is to create an elongated silhouette for the eye to follow. To stay classy, keep your look simple; not too many accessories, prints, or colors (in the boot OR in the overall outfit). Let the boot be the focal point.

Boots that come this far up the leg can also either make you look six feet tall or four feet short, depending on what you pair it with. It is best to put with jeans or leggings for a clean line, but to keep your bottom half long and lean with a dress, skirt, or shorts, they shouldn't go past mid-thigh. Try and measure a couple of inches between the top of the boot and the hem of your bottoms, as the space will make your leg look longer. Too much space, however, breaks up the line of your body and will make you look squatter, so two or three fingers width should be enough.

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If you're not quite sure you can pull off this look with jeans or are unsure about wearing it with something short and tight, another easy way to wear over the knee boots is with relaxed dresses and tall socks. This is a great way to transition your summer dresses into fall, or to start incorporating long-sleeved dresses into your winter wardrobe. Just remember the rules and keep the dresses short.

In the photo below, Karen wears Jeffrey Campbell Meds boots with a chunky sweater dress for a look that is right on trend. (She also has on a Forever 21 dreamcatcher necklace that I own, too. So funny.) Those retail for $300, however, so if you want to try this trend at an affordable price, check out these Aldo boots, $90, these Nine West boots, $90, or this DSW pair that give you the most bang for your buck at $65.


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