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Gap Holiday 2010 Lookbook

Familiar faces Ryan Kwanten and Yaya DaCosta

The new Gap lookbook is out, and features seven mix-and-match looks made of interchangeable separates. While the motto reads 'Ready, set, sequins. Shine through this holiday in our favorite standout styles,' I found it all to be anything but special. In fact, it was quite, well, boring. While other holiday collections feature shimmering metallics, bright colors, and interesting details, Gap's utilizes shades of gray and... gray.

The materials used were right on trend, but the way that they were paired up wasn't exciting. The fourth look, for example, included a silky party skirt, cotton tank top, and sequin bag. Which is all well and fine in concept, but in this bland, monochromatic palette, what holiday party is this going to? The most interesting thing about the look was an oversized cardigan that isn't even in the lookbook.


I can't lie; there is a timeless quality to many of the pieces that is undeniable. A pretty sequined skirt could be worn with anything, and a sherpa motorcross sweater is a fun mix of edge and homey comfort. But the styling is all off, and there is way too much holiday chic (everybody is standing around outside looking too cool for coats, even though it's snowing) and not enough holiday cheer. Whatever happened to old Gap holiday campaigns like this one:

Gap Holiday 2007

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  1. this kinda makes me crave christmas. crazy how much their company has evolved in just three years!