love, serenissima

Frugal Friday: No Shopping Challenge, Week 2

Aldo CALCAGNI, $110

Whew. Another difficult week has come and gone without me buying one thing. I think I'm going to crack though, you guys. I've been eyeing those babies above for months now, after seeing them on Karen's blog in September. They never had my size (a cursed 11), and this week they finally restocked! I don't know if I can wait another two weeks just for them to sell out AGAIN. I'm also deeply in love with these (more than 70% off!), and that.

I want to buy!!!


  1. Now..look at your bank balance and see how much money you've saved...then compare it to last month, when spending was "no issue" and note the difference. THEN ask yourself if a hat with a rat face on it is worth cracking your comittment.

  2. nope, no difference. it was a rent week lol