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Ethnic diversity has long been an issue in fashion, particularly on the runways and ad campaigns of high fashion labels. Many models have revealed casting situations where they were told, 'We already have our Black girl [so] we don't need you,' and countless articles have been written blasting a whitewashed industry. So when a major brand such as Prada casts not one but two Black girls in both runways and prominent advertisement campaigns, it is certainly something to talk about.

After casting teen sensation Malaika Firth in their Fall 2013 campaign (the first Black model to be used by Prada since Naomi Campbell in 1994), Prada made waves again by utilizing Cindy Bruna in their most recent ads. This preview shot, released for the upcoming Spring/Summer 2014 spread, featured Bruna in the collection's colorful, graffiti- and mural-inspired designs. Firth is also set to star in the full campaign, as well.

love, serenissima

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