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Princesses in Pants

 photo 1_zpse5aaa3a4.png In What You Wear, I Look Better Than You

Haruki Godo, an amazing talented digital artist and member of the Deviant Art community, recently completed a series of drawings called 'Costume Swap,' in which she imagines the Disney heroines we are all familiar with in the clothes of their male counterparts. The series is making a huge splash online for it's gender-bending, fabulous female leads, and, I have to say, I am COMPLETELY IN LOVE with each of these images. Disney being Disney, they have a tendency to stick their female leads in typical gowns and other fairy tale gear, so it's amazing to see them looking strong and still feminine in the clothes we're so familiar with or their male co-stars. Not to mention the androgynous styling is also totally chic.

"I'm very fond of love between a man and a woman—couples," Godo told website Yahoo! Shine. "And I also love girls, so I thought if they wear their boyfriends' clothes, I would be very happy. They are my wishes."

The series features classic characters like Belle from Beauty and the Beast, Ariel from The Little Mermaid, and Aurora from Snow White, along with newer faces such as Rapunzel from Tangled and even Calhoun from Wreck-It Ralph.

 photo 2_zpsc9dcdd19.png  photo 6_zpsf07e58e5.png  photo 5_zpsbbb01075.png  photo 3_zpsbf559d8a.png  photo 4_zps724148d8.png

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