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Bape x Undefeated

 photo 2_zps4f7f64f6.jpg Bitches in Bape

I love a girl in sportswear. I am a tomboy at heart and the urban trend of girls in streetwear is definitely one that I can get behind. After a hugely successful run with Adidas this past Spring, Japanese giant Bape recently teamed up with street brand Undftd for a second time, creating this uber-cool collection of limited edition shirts, shorts, and pants. If that wasn't awesome enough, they upped the coolness factor by a thousand by getting model Janae Roubleau to put an androgynous spin on the mens line. J'adore.
   photo 3_zps0e16a2f2.jpg  photo 1_zps156a8c81.jpg  photo 4_zps6568a379.jpg  photo 5_zps5505732f.jpg  photo 7_zpsffa92c35.jpg  photo 6_zps3147cd08.jpg  photo 8_zpsfd015dc1.jpg  photo 9_zps7c0ba46e.jpg Available at 3peatLA

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