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The Look for Less: Gwyneth Paltrow

via Red Carpet Fashion Awards

So I usually refrain from Look for Less posts, but every now and then I come across a look I think would be cool on the blog. When I saw this outfit from Gwyneth Paltrow, worn to see her BFF Beyonce Knowles perform at the Shepherds Bush Empire in London, I decided to do my first ever 'Look for Less' feature as it's a quintessential summer look that would look good on just about anyone. Her Etoile Isabel Marant dress, $365, was paired with a double strap Ralph Lauren belt, $99, and $250 Givenchy sandals for a whopping grand total of $714. That might be affordable, heck, even downright bargain basment prices by celebrity standards, but SEVEN HUNDRED DOLLARS for a dress and heels is a little excessive to me.

Note: Not to mention the fact that all the items are now on sale so the prices I just listed are the sale prices... full price, this outfit would have been $1455. $1455! No bueno.

This outfit can be easily recreated for less. ASOS came to the rescue as usual, with the Vila Gypsy Rose Cheese Cloth Tunic Dress, $20, and Leather Two Strap Waist Belt, $24, which are almost exact replicas of the designer labels. These Nine West Namiah wedges, $63, are close in look to the shoes Paltrow wore, but I personally like the Franco Sarto Pandora shoe better, although it's a little more expensive at $109. The total for the look with the Nine West shoes? $107. Now THAT'S a look for less.

Vila Gypsy Rose Cheese Cloth Tunic Dress:

Leather Two Strap Waist Belt:

Franco Sarto Pandora:

Nine West Namiah:

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