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Birds of A Leather Flock Together


Leather jackets, pants/shorts, and miniskirts aren't the only way to wear one of the most popular fabrics of this season. While leather shorts are definitely plentiful, a lower key version rolling around just in time for the holidays is to use the material as an accent to other pieces in your closet. Not just with a shoe or a bag; as a literal accent in leather linings, pockets, and hems.

The Glamourai

Burberry was one of the first labels to hop onboard this trend, when they revamped their iconic trenchcoats with studs and leather sleeves. Celine quickly followed suit, unveiling sweater dresses with leather pockets in their Spring 2011 line. This is the perfect way to put a spin on your warm, cozy sweaters and simple military jackets to liven them up for a party, especially if you find ones decorated in shiny patent leather. Added bonus: this is a trend that's very easy to DIY, if you are so inclined.

The Man Repeller, below, in Zara and H&M, demonstrates how well you can execute this look without breaking the bank. Her H&M dress is a perfect replica of the Celine version (leave it to good old H&M), and that Zara jacket is an excellent combination of both the luxury and minimalist trends. The girls over at Chic Steals and A Pair and A Spare also gave excellent tutorials on how to create your own leather-and-fill-in-the-blank look. Chic Steals' idea is also pretty simple, involving hand-sewing on leather swatches of fabric. (To read the post, click here.)


If stitching elbow patches on your beloved Grandpa cardigan just doesn't sound like your cup of tea, there are tons of options out there. Forever 21's new Minnie Muse collection has a really cool pair of Leather Patch Athletic Pants, $20, that feature a leatherette cutout of Minnie on the side, and Vans has a sude and leather pair of Switchback Boots, $85, that are a nice blend of casual and dressy.


  1. I LOVE leather its my all time favourite material I swear !!!
    great ost :p

  2. love letha!!! so sexy, but with the right accessories, and layer add on's it become chic!
    xo Carly