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Two for Five Special

The Irish Rogue

If you are ever in New York City, you must try Rudy's Bar and Grill on St. Marks. I repeat, you must try Rudy's Bar and Grill- home of the beer pint and double whiskey shot for a whopping five dollars. My friend Will invited me there last Friday, and, though I had never heard of the place, a quick Google search revealed reviews like 'You can walk in with $10 and walk out drunk.' I was onboard.

Little did I know, I found that my delicate sensibilities were no match for the bar's personal brand of beer and whiskey. So my friend Jess and I met up with Will and his friends at The Irish Rogue, a bar and restaurant they had moved onto after Rudy's to celebrate their friend Brittany's birthday. Will's friends were super nice and hilarious, and I had a blast.

I had one too many drinks

I wore my new shearling jacket, a chambray shirt from Old Navy and my favorite jeans. Those Target oxfords made an appearance again, too- they are giving my Jeffrey Campbell's a run for their money as far as favorite shoes go. I was a little concerned about mixing black and brown with the belt, shoes, and jacket, but it turned out well, I think. The jewelry was pretty much all Forever 21.



  1. You should take out the name 'Satorial' because it is a disgrace to see how you perceive it as.

    Creative criticism: You should focus on what fits 'you', rather than looking at models, or some kind of idol you have. Maybe that'll work.

    What others and I see is not very flattering and a tad bit offensive to the people who actually breathe fashion.

    It's not working for you, so stop forcing it. It's not cute, nor unique.

    Stop ridiculing yourself.

    We go to your blog to laugh. Sorry to say.

  2. The definition of 'sartorial' according to Merriam Webster's Dictionary:

    1. of or relating to a tailor or tailored clothes
    2. of or relating to clothes

    1. of or relating to tailoring, clothes, or style of dress

    So a blog titled 'Sartorial Me' is about MY PERSONAL takes (tailoring) on clothes and/or style of dress. Plain and simple. Literal translation.

    Which means that, in fact, the sartorial does belong as the blog chronicles my sartorial pursuits. It's about what I like to wear, plain and simple. Not what you or anybody else likes to wear.

    And if you, or anyone else, doesn't like it, you don't have to visit my blog. And if you are in fact coming to my blog for a good joke, meaning I can provide a laugh in what is clearly an otherwise dreary day, then you're welcome.

    If I see a blog I don't like, I click the little x in the top righthand corner, I don't expend time or precious energy in attempting to tear them down. Every view you make is money in my pocket, so me and Google AdSense send a great big smile your way.


    Thanks for visiting.

  3. Oh, and if you were such a strong crusader for fashion, I'm pretty sure you wouldn't post anonymously... Leave a link back to your blog under your screenname so I can see how it's done by people who truly 'breathe fashion.' Put yourself under the microscope for the 'creative criticism' you so graciously gave me... otherwise KEEP IT MOVING!

  4. Beautifully said Seren...and to all you other self important (anonymous) readers, please don't forget that fashion is an art form. Every designer out there got into it for the creativity of it..the expression..although, not every look is for everybody.

    Along that same vein, these blogs are the same way...each one and its author has their own take on the topic..that's what makes them each whimsical and FUN even!

    So, why do some people feel compelled to be hateful over something that should be creative...on a platform that should be fun? And why do you all claim superiority, anonymously? That's the weirdest thing to me.. if you're great, take credit already...let us visit your site (surely we won't laugh) and see how it's a mentor, maybe..

    Otherwise, if you don't like peas, don't eat peas..if you don't like a song change the station..and if you don't like a blog, just don't read..let alone, take time out of your busy 'sartorial' days 'breathing fashion' to post comments and give hits (and money) to someone you don't even think is worthy (all for a laugh)...

    you might be sartorially significant but not too bright, huh? (shoot, now I'M sorry)

  5. wow what a jerk, I can't believe someone would be so mean and hateful towards one's artistic platforms! If we can't express ourselves on our own blog, then where 'The Crew'?

    on a lighter note...I love the final pics, the look is fun for a night out to Rudy's, the shearling jacket, tucked in denim shirt, and loads of silver jewelry is fun! I used to have that cross ring, and then I lost it. I loved that ring, great buy too...keep on keeping on hunny- haters are always gonna hate...

    xo Carlina

  6. thanks Carlina! people are def jerks... loved your last post, btw :)