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Tie Dye Job

I hate this ombre hair trend. But, alas, as a fashion blogger it is kind of my duty to report it... you see the lengths I go to for you, dear readers?

Lily Aldridge, Sarah Jessica Parker, Ashlee Simpson, Alexa Chung, Lady Gaga

An evolution of letting colored hair or highlights grow out, ombre hair normally features dark roots with golden- or red-toned ends. Tons of celebrities are getting in on the trend, which works on most hair colors. I guess it can be kind of pretty in an imperfect way, like on Kardashian lookalike Camila Alves, or in a beachy, my-ends-are-bleached-by-sun-and-seawater way, like California girl Lauren Conrad.

Lauren Conrad's subtle sunkissed ends

If you want ombre hair, use a demi-permanent color (this way it will fade gradually without leaving any harsh lines at the roots or midway through the hair, which is what you want). You should choose a color that either corresponds to your natural shade of hair or is one shade darker, apply the color to your roots, then part your hair in four sections. Let the dye sit for five mintues, then take each section and run the color through to the middle of your hair, starting with the back and finishing with the two front sections- you can use your fingers or a comb for this. Wait another five minutes, then add water to dilute the color and blend it at the ends. Let the color sit for another minute then wash hair for a finished effect.


  1. Ah, yes...the same thing has happened with regular tie dyes. People are taking bleach and spilling it onto colored shirts. It looks ratty...Unlike mine (

  2. There is definitely a mixed follower reaction to this trend. I like it when its done right, a la the VS model in the top left pic you posted. Ashlee Simpson does not get it right unfortunately! If I had straight hair I'd prob do it to..

    xo Carlina