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Jennifer Lopez and her adorable two-year-old twins with husband Marc Anthony look great in a brand new ad campaign by Gucci. This special advertising campaign, the Gucci Children’s Collection Ad Campaign, is dedicated to the launch of Gucci’s new children’s collection. Along with unveiling the new campaign, Gucci donated $1 million to UNICEF’s Schools for Africa program and $50,000 to J. Lo’s charity, the Maribel Foundation, which seeks to improve medical care to women and children worldwide.

The brand spanking new children’s collection, which is represented by the Gucci teddy bear seen in the ad campaign, will be available in select Gucci stores this month. It's set to include shoes, leather goods, blankets, footwear, jewelery, scarves, and sunglasses. And doesn't it seem appropriate that the queen of sunglasses herself is doing this ad? She looks fantabulous. (P.S. those kids look just like Marc Anthony! Especially that Max.)

Emma, Max, and J to the L-O


  1. I know im going OD back in the archives but can I just say that she's awesome for naming her kids after the characters in Dragon Tales (Joseph used to watch that when he was little) lol