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Frugal Friday: No Shopping Challenge, Week 4

As you all know, I cracked last week. Those Aldo shoes were just too good to resist. Those who crack get what's coming to them, however- the shoes were a size too small! So I will be returning them.

But in light of my dismal failure, I'm going to suspend Frugal Friday for the next month to bring you a fun holiday feature. Thanksgiving is next Thursday, and the day after is known as Black Friday, or the biggest shopping day of the year. So, to get you all in the holiday spirit, for the next month I'll be implementing Freebie Fridays!

The way that these are going to work is, starting next week, I'll post an object that I'm giving away along with the qualifications for the contest. Readers have a week to enter and the following week I'll announce the winner. For example, I'm going to post the first object on 11/26 and tell you all the winner on 12/3. Easy as pie! And the last giveaway is going to occur on the 24th, just in time for Christmas... like a personal gift from me to you, dear readers.

Note: There will be no Friday post on the 31st, as I'll be on holiday for New Years. Frugal Friday will be back in full effect in January.

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